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Work Experience Specialist


ALL Modesto City School work permits expire on Monday, August 16th. If you need to renew your work permit for the 2021-2022 school year OR you would like to add work experience to your schedule, you will need to be able to complete the steps below or schedule a time to meet with Mrs. O’Brien. There are two kinds of work permits. A regular work permit (grades 9-12) and a Work Experience permit (grades 11-12) for juniors and seniors who want to receive Elective or Practical Art credit.

There are advantages for being in Work Experience but there are class requirements as well. A brief description is below. Any questions, email Mrs. O’Brien at or call at (209) 492-5218.



  1. Print out the work permit application form (B1-1). Click Here

  2. Put your School ID number in the top right hand corner.

  3. Fill out the top section - Minor’s Information. Make sure your phone number is correct, in case I have to contact you, and provide your Social Security Number. A work permit cannot be created without it.

  4. Take the form to your employer. Have the employer complete, sign and date the section – To be filled in and signed by the employer.

  5. Have a parent/legal guardian print their name, sign and date the section – To be filled and signed by parent or legal guardian.

  6. If you have it printed and don’t know how to scan it, you can use CamScanner, Genius Scan or any other scanner from your app store on your phone. Make sure it is legible before you attach it to your email.

  7. Email the completed form to Mrs. O’Brien at All communication should come from your school email account which is your student ID number ( in order to ensure you are the person sending the information.

  8. A work permit will be processed, signed and emailed to you.

  9. Print, sign and date the work permit.

  10. Give the work permit to your employer.