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Modesto Esports League offers both competitive and social gaming for students at all of our schools. Students and Parent/Guardians sign a MCS Player Agreement joining the program to ensure that all students are modeling being great players. Depending on the Esports program each school will have a dedicated setup for esports that may include consoles, gaming desks and chairs, gaming computers, keyboards, mice, gamepads, and headsets.

Why Esports?

  • Diverse student interest in social gaming and competing in tournaments

  • More than 30 Colleges in US offer Esports Scholarships

  • Academic roles include digital journalism, digital citizenship, team building, conflict resolution, critical thinking, communication, data analysis, broadcasting, design, production, and social and emotional learning

All High Schools will have an Extra-curricular Esports program that includes:

  • Joining Central California Esports League (CCEL)

  • League of Legends

  • Rocket League

  • Valorant